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Member Of Hip Hop Banner Exchange

HHBE Member Utilities

File Upload
You can upload your banner file directly to The Hip Hop Banner Exchange. Your banner will be saved as your member number. Example: "001234.gif" or "001234.jpg". You can only upload one banner at a time. Once the banner in the Queue is either deleted or added to the rotation you may add another one. Your account can have up to three banners all with unique URL's to forward to.

The "File On Your PC" is where you insert the path on you hard drive for the file you want to upload. If you aren't sure just click "Browse" and you can search your hard drive.

After submitting your file you will receive a confirmation page telling you the file size and a URL where you can check it. Remember that files over 15kb will not be accepted. Allow up to two weeks for banners to get into the rotation.

Change Your Profile
You can change your membership information. If you want to change your name, sitename, url, or email address, category, etc., use the form provided. Changes are effective immediately.

Change Your Password
You can change your membership password at any time. Remember to write down your new password for future reference. You will have to Log In again to continue to use Member Utilities.

The Hip Hop Banner Exchange cannot retrieve member passwords.

View Stats Banners
You can view your banner stats at any time. You can also check your Banner image and URL link, and change the status of your banner to ON or OFF. Stats are updated constantly and you can reset your stats whenever you want.

View Your HTML Code
You can use this utility to retrieve your HTML code needed to insert members banners on your page. Do not modify the code at all. The code not only places banners on your site, but updates your stats as well. You can get your HTML code from the Members Area after logging in or from the Quick SiteCode Utility.

Lost Member Information
You can use this utility to change your Member Password and have it emailed to the address on file. You can also have your current information emailed to you if you enter a valid Member Number and Email Address. Both functions will only send confirmation to the email address on file for the account.

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