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Member Of Hip Hop Banner Exchange
Member Of Hip Hop Banner Exchange

  1. I uploaded my banner but it's still not updated?
    When banners are uploaded they are not automatically put into the rotation. Each banner has to be checked for image size and file size specifications. It is then moved from the temporary directory and put into the actual banner directory. This may take up to two weeks. By processing banners this way you can be assured that the possibility of broken or missing images being displayed are very rare.

  2. What size should my banner be?
    Banners must be under 15kb in size and have dimensions of 400 X 40 pixels. If it is not the correct size, we may reduce it to 400x40. It may not look good. If you are not sure of how to make a banner check the Help page for FREE services that are available. If you want to see other Members banners currently in the rotation you can use the Current Members Utility.

  3. Why doesn't my banner look right?
    Banners must be under 15kb in size and have dimensions of 400 X 40 pixels. Banner that do not fit these requirements may be adjusted. If you are unhappy with your banners appearance you can either submit a new one or check the HHBE Help page for Members that make FREE banners.

  4. I forgot my member number or password?
    Your member number and password are your responsibility. We cannot retrieve your password but we can send you a new one. Use the Lost Password Utility to change your password and have it emailed to you. The utility will only send email to the current address on file. You can also retrieve your Membership information by using the HHBE Find Membership Utility.

  5. Banners don't show on my page?
    Make sure you have copied the HTML for your membership completely. Small changes can cause banners to not be shown. It is also important to use your own HTML code so that you receive proper credit for showing banners on your site.

  6. What are credits and how do I get them?
    Your banner will be shown each time you show a banner on your site. Keeping a 1-to-1 ratio means that smaller sites do not have to accumulate multiple credits just to be shown once. This also keeps someone from joining the exchange and not placing the HTML code on their site. Remember if you don't show banners your banner won't be shown.

  7. Why doesn't my membership show any credits?
    The HHBE displays large numbers of banners a month. Because of these numbers you normally will not have many credits. The system tries to use use smaller credit amounts before larger ones. Unless your site gets 1000's of hits a day you will most likely never have very many credits when checking your member profile.

    To verify that you are receiving credits, it is more reliable to check your profiles Exposures count. That number will accurately show how many times your banner has been shown, which is equivalent to how many credits you have had.

  8. Why is my account on Hold?
    Accounts are placed on hold if there is no active banner for the account or for administrative reasons. If you feel your account should not be on Hold, please contact HHBE Administration immediately. While accounts are on Hold they continue to accumulate credits for banners shown on their site.

  9. What does the HHBE cost?
    The Hip Hop Banner Exchange costs you NOTHING!! This is a free service to benefit the online Hip Hop community. Your membership profile transmitted to The Hip Hop Banner Exchange will NEVER be given to any individual or company.

    While The Hip Hop Banner Exchange is only for Hip Hop related sites, you may occasionally see an ad for a non-related site. We reserve the right to include paying advertisers to help offset the cost of maintaining and administering the program.

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